Our Story

Ancient Church Arts is an indie company that designs custom and hand-made t-shirts and gear based on the theme of Early Christianity. Featuring designs from graphic artists, ancient emblems, symbols and quotes from the early Church. 

The owners, Ron and Kat Moore, both have backgrounds in general markets of art and music. Ancient Church Arts is all about providing meaningful, quality art for those interested in the spiritual journey of truth and faith.

Ancient Church Arts combined two other companies in 2011. "Saint Romanos Records" was founded by pioneer singer/songwriter Peter Jon Gillquist, and provides a unique collection of traditional liturgical early Church music with western styling, and a growing genre of contemporary music from Orthodox musicians. "Fullness Of The Faith" was founded by Justin Matthews, a former popular CCM musician who joined Orthodoxy. Fr. Justin worked with graphic artists to develop thought provoking t-shirt and jewelry designs that could stimulate interaction between the wisdom of the early Church and the culture of our age.

One of the unique things about Ancient Church Arts among indie companies is our commitment to responsible reverence to the faith in every area of our business. We believe there is nothing more powerful than being in communion with, and striving to become more like our creator God. Divine wisdom and truth, put into action by loving others, is what drives our site's themes and our art. Our hope is to equip those who share these beliefs with apparel that identifies ourselves in a deep and meaningful way. 

Ancient Church Arts donates 10% of profits to Christian ministries, and monasteries that serve all people around the world with God's unconditional love. 


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